Arabic keyboard


This virtual keyboard is a great way to write in Arabic alphabets online if you don't have an Arabic keyboard in your laptop or desktop.

To write Arabic letters, just click in the character you want using your mouse to this simple visual keyboard :

arabic keyboard
clavier arabe
arabic keybord

Shortcuts of words and phrases are there to help you to write your text faster in Arabic language.

The Arabic transliteration

You can also use "transliteration" system to write without arabic keyboard and without clicking on the virtual keyboard on the screen. Only you have to type with your QWERTY keyboard and the English text will automatically be in Arabic, with an opportunity to correct the words transliterated by a simple click on these words. You can use the shortcut (Control + G) to switch between Arabic and English alphabets.

clavier arab

The image above illustrates how to use the system for Arabic transliteration. It's useful to write exactly the same way that the arab keyboard above, but with a rate even faster!

When you finish writing your text, copy and paste the arabic words from the box above where you want to type in Arabic letters.

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